Tatiana Wolska at Art Brussels

Tour & Taxis
25/04/19 - 28/04/19
Exhibition view of Principe d'Incertitude at Les Tanneries, Amilly, France, 2019 Exhibition view of Principe d'Incertitude at Les Tanneries, Amilly, France, 2019
Brussels-based Polish artist Tatiana Wolska has been selected for Art BrusselsMonumental Sculpture Project, where large scale artworks by renowned artists and emerging talents, represented by participating galleries, will be on display outdoors, on a 3000 m² esplanade at the beautiful, industrial site of Tour & Taxis.

For this event, the artwork by Wolska will be a new reiteration of her monumental plastic installations, previously shown in the context of her solo show at Palais de Tokyo in 2014 and in the Van Buuren garden last summer. Those installations are made from dozens of defective plastic bottles, cut and thermo-welded into a sprawling organic shape. The result is a translucent red volume playing both with its surroundings and with each ray of light passing through it.

The lightness of the structure makes it perfect for suspension under the docks' roof above the visitors heads, held by strong fishing wire. Tatiana Wolska will set-up the work herself with a team, creating a site-specific composition around the fair's entrances.

- Where: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Brussels - map
- When: April 25-28, 2019
- More information about Art Brussels and the Monumental Sculpture Project

About Tatiana Wolska:
Born in 1977 in Zawiercie (PL)
Lives and works in Brussels (BE)

Tatiana Wolska is a multidisciplinary artist often referred to as a "junk collector". She uses plastic water bottles, pieces of wood, industrial waste disposed of by companies or even old, used and worn-out mattresses as building blocks to create powerful, visually enticing and awe-inspiring structures. Fascinated by the the borderline between fine art and applied art, Wolska's unique and independent structures are meant to be experienced, not only looked at. Each structure invites visitors to have an personal and immersive interaction with it, but it can also act as a vessel to showcase the work of other artists. 

All images courtesy the artist and Galerie Irène Laub, Brussels

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