Tell Me More About You | Tatiana Wolska at Ateliers Mommen

Ateliers Mommen
23/04/19 - 12/05/19

Tell Me More About You, an exhibition curated by Tatiana Wolska and Maëlle Delaplanche, will be presented at the Ateliers Mommen from April 23 until May 12, 2019 as a part the Art Brussels OFF Programme

Artistic freedom, a fragile and precious commodity, is often overrun by a society obsessed and ruled by consumerism, a system where the market dictates what is valuable and what isn’t. By challenging the economic codes of the (post)-industrial era that is slowly creating a point of no return, and by discussing identity issues – in particular how gender is determined, perceived and experienced - the exhibition “Tell Me More About You” aims to explore an alternative thought about today’s society and its various, multifaceted expressions. Tatiana Wolska, an artist resident at the Ateliers Mommen, has been reconsidering her position as an artist in our society and invites other artists, thinkers and doers to come together for a collective and creative exchange of thoughts during a few days that will be marked by several events including concerts, conferences, panel discussions, workshops and performances as well as through opening artist studios for the public to visit and engage with. (Text: Maëlle Delaplanche)

- Where: Ateliers Mommen, Rue de la Charité 37, 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode - map
- When: April 23 - May 12, 2019
- Opening: April 23, 2019 from 18:00 to 22:00
- Artists: Tatiana Wolska (PL), Anna Raimondo (IT), Lise Duclaux (FR), Paco Coopa (BE), Jérôme Porsperger (BE), Pauline Brun (FR)
- Conference by: Luc Schuiten (BE)

Full program will follow shortly

About Tatiana Wolska:
Born in 1977 in Zawiercie (PL)
Lives and works in Brussels (BE)

Tatiana Wolska is a multidisciplinary artist often referred to as a "junk collector". She uses plastic water bottles, pieces of wood, industrial waste disposed of by companies or even old, used and worn-out mattresses as building blocks to create powerful, visually enticing and awe-inspiring structures. Fascinated by the the borderline between fine art and applied art, Wolska's unique and independent structures are meant to be experienced, not only looked at. Each structure invites visitors to have an personal and immersive interaction with it, but it can also act as a vessel to showcase the work of other artists. 

About Ateliers Mommen:
Founded by art supplies merchant Félix Mommen in 1894, "Les Ateliers Mommen" has been an artist's residence for more than a century, responding to a social and fundamental need for artists to have a space where they can live and create freely and autonomously. The Ateliers Mommen is a meeting space where artists live and work together but also interract and exchange with their public and neighbourhood. 

All images courtesy the artist and Galerie Irène Laub, Brussels

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