Blind Chance (1981) and Talking Heads (1980) Krzysztof Kieślowski

Complexe ULg-Opéra (Luik)
Blind Chance Blind Chance

The Nickelodeon Cine-Club of Liège and the Polish Institute present you the screening of the film "Blind Chance" (1981) and the short film "Talking heads" (1980) by Krzysztof Kieślowski

  • Blind Chance (PRZYPADEK) | POLAND | 1981 | VOSTFR | 114 '| Fiction | A feature film by KRZYSZTOF KIESLOWSKI

Witek (Boguslaw Linda) runs after a train. From this routine event, Kieslowski imagines the possible turns in the life of a young man in the midst of the turbulence of Poland in the 70s.

Version 1: Witek arrives to show in the train, meets convinced and pure Communists, registers to the Party. He will realize, after the fact, that he has been in the service of manipulators ...

Version 2: While running after the train, it is blocked by a controller, struggles, escapes and is stopped. He then meets an opposition activist and begins a life of marginal dissident.

Version 3: Witek misses the train, meets a student, returns to medical school he wanted to give up, get married and leads the peaceful life of a doctor who is not interested in politics. He goes on a trip and his plane explodes ... 

  • Talking heads (GADAJACE GLOWY) | POLAND | 1980 | VOSTFR | 16 '| Documentary | A short film by KRZYSZTOF KIESLOWSKI

In 1980, Kieslowski asked a group of people about who they are and what they expect from life. Through this short documentary, it offers the viewer a multitude of small portraits of people of different age, profession and social status.


>>> ULg-Opera complex, Place de la République Francaise, 41, 4000 Liège
>>> Thursday, February 28, 2019, 8 PM
>>> 4 € | 3 € (Nickelodeon Ciné-club members)



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