Wojciech NOWICKI is writer in residence in Brussels

Passa Porta (Brussels)
28/05/18 - 20/07/18
Wojciech NOWICKI (c) Adam Golec Wojciech NOWICKI (c) Adam Golec

Polish writer and essayist Wojciech NOWICKI will be spending two months at the Maison internationale des littératures Passa Porta, which hosts foreign writers every year. The writers are given the opportunity to work on a manuscript and discover Belgian and Flemish culture and literature. Wojciec NOWICKI will be working there on the latest version of a series of novels entitled Cieśniny (Détroits).
In the past, Passa Porta played host to three Polish guests: Anna BOLECKA and Olga TOKARCZUK in 2006, and Natasza GOERKE in 2007.

Wojciech NOWICKI
Writer, journalist and curator of photo exhibitions, Nowicki is also the co-founder of the foundation Imago Mundi, whose goal is to promote photography. In addition to this, he translates from French. He is the author of two essays on photography, including Dno oka. Esej o fotografii (Bottom of the eye. Essays about photography) which was a finalist for the prestigious Nike prize for literature in 2011, and of books devoted to great names in the field of photography, such as Jerzy Lewczyński and Wilhelm vond Blandowski. His work Salki (published by Czarne), which was translated in the United States in 2016, won him the Gdynia prize for literature in 2014 in the essays category. In April 2018, he put his name to a text in the photographic work Ewa i Piotr, by the Italian Lorenzo Castore, which was published in French by Noir sur Blanc. He is also a restaurant critic for the Krakow edition of the daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza.





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