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LIBERATURE at #Brusselspoetryfest

with the presence of its creators, Zenon FAJFER and BAZARNIK (Wiels | DeBuren)
11/09/15 - 13/09/15

Katarzyna BAZARNIK and Zenon FAJFER, the two LIBERATURE's creators, take part in the #UndergroundPoetryFest and Brussels ART BOOK FAIR:
- both authors will present their book collection with the exhibition Libérature, or total literature, to be seen at Center for Contemporary Art WIELS from 10 until 13 September;
- poet Zenon FAJFER will showcase poetically in different locations during the same weekend, for instance on 11 September from 17:00 until 17:30 on place de la Monnaie;
- Katarzyna BAZARNIK will present LIBERATURE at the conference held at Cultural Institute DeBuren on Friday 11 September.

+++ More info on #UndergroundPoetryFest and its programme
+++ More info on LIBERATURE

>>> Center for Contemporary Art WIELS (Av. Van Volxem 354, 1190 Brussels) - see map
>>> 11>13 September 2015
Opening on 11 September 18:00 > 21:00 | 12 & 13 September - 11:00 > 18:00
>>> Free of charge 
+++ Polish publishing house PRINT CONTROL also participates.

Conference in the frame of the UNDERGROUND POETRY FEST (participation by Katarzyna Bazarnik)
>>> Vlaams-Nederlands Huis deBuren (Rue Leopoldstraat 6, 1000 Brussels) - see map
>>> Friday 11 September 2015 - 9:00 16:00
>>> Free of charge  
other speakers: Laura LOPEZ FERNADEZ (New Zealand), Sharon MESMER (USA), A. RAWLINGS (Canada), Kiene BRILLENBURG WURTH (The Netherlands) and Frank KEIZER (The Netherlands).

“Liber, libra, libertas, liberature. Liberature is liberty, an artistic liberty which goes beyond boundaries between genres and the arts. It is a literature which no longer bows to convention, to canons and to critics. It is the written word which has a role to play in the construction of a book. It is a literature which takes the latter into account in its capacity as a physical object”, wrote Katarzyna BAZARNIK, one of the founders of liberature, in her work Od Joyce’a do liberatury (From Joyce to liberature). To put it in other words, liberature is a literary work in which the artistic message is conveyed not only via a verbal medium but also via a book which is viewed as a whole. In these books, a drawing or a blank space have the power of a poetical metaphor, the typography is raised to the status of a stylistic instrument. The book as material object stops being a mere neutral vessel, becoming an element which is brimming with the work. The term "Liberature" was coined in 1999 by the Polish poet Zenon FAJFER who, alongside Katarzyna Bazarnik, produced the first book in the genre: Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late). 9 prototypes came out in 2000; 1001 copies were put on sale in 2009. A Liberature collection, which, to date, includes more than 20 volumes, was issued by Korporacja Ha!Art en 2003.

Katarzyna BAZARNIK

Co-author of liberatura books, theorist of literature, translator, and Joyce scholar, an assistant professor at the Institute of English Philology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and a lecturer in the postgraduate programme for Literary Translation, where she runs translation workshops. Together with Zenon Fajfer she wrote the first books to be called liberature: a triple-volume Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late, prototype edition 2000, 1st ed. 2009) and (O)patrzenie (Ga(u)ze, 2003), which initiated “Liberatura” series of Korporacja Ha!art Publishing House, which they coedit. They also published Sonnet of Sonnets (2012), devised together with students of the MA Programme in Creative Writing and Bookmaking in Mills College, Oakland, CA. In 2002 Bazarnik and Fajfer founded Liberature Reading Room (now located in Malopolski Garden of Arts of the Małopolska Province Library in Kraków). She published a monograph Joyce and Liberature (Litteraria Pragensia, 2011), and has edited or co-edited several volumes of essays, including James Joyce and After. Writer and Time (2010) and Incarnations of Textual Materiality. From Modernism to Liberature (2014)  and two monograph issues of a translation journal Literatura na Świecie (Literatures of the World) devoted to James Joyce (2004) and B.S. Johnson (2008). Her translation of B.S Johnson’s The Unfortunates was awarded at the Wrocław Good Books Fair in 2008. Her theoretical work on liberature as a new literary genre integrating the verbal content with the material shape of the book introduced the concept to the academic world in the UK, Ireland, France, Japan, Taiwan and the USA.

Zenon FAJFER (°1970)
a Polish poet, playwright, creator and theoretician of liberature, a new literary genre which embraces works that integrate the word with unconventional shapes of the book. He introduced into poetry an original, interactive form called “the emanational poem,” in which he simultaneously creates invisible, dimensions of text. He also uses the new media, creating his own version of kinetic poems and hypertextual poetry. Co-author, with Katarzyna Bazarnik, of books initiating the phenomenon of liberature: a triptych Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late, 2000, 2009) and (O)patrzenie (Ga(u)ze, 2003) and a poetic happening Liberty Poem (New York, Chicago, Taipei, Tokyo, 2011); the author of the poem-in-a-bottle Spoglądając Przez Ozonową Dziurę (Detect Ozone Whole Nearby, 2004), a bilingual multimedia poetry volume dwadzieścia jeden liter/ten letters (2010), Liberature or Total Literature. Collected Essays 1999-2009 (2010), Pieta, a drama which he staged and directed in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Kraków, 2006, 2012), and a hypertextual volume of emanational poetry Powieki (Eyelids, 2013). He has just finished work on a new collection of poems called Widok z głębokiej wieży (A View from the Deep Tower). He has presented his works in many countries, including the USA, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy.

The Brussels International Underground Poetry Fest is a free festival aimed at all those who love literature. This second edition will lead the audience through the universe of sound poetry, poetic performance and visual poetry  through performances, exhibitions, a book fair, a conference and workshops for young and old alike. Experimental poetic expressions will be recreated in unexpected places. The creme de la creme of experimental poetry from across the globe will be meeting over three days to show their work and talk with academics.     
This year, the themes of the festival and the conference are:
•    “The poem as book as art” (Liberatura and other book-art, literature as art book, the book as art, the poem as art as book…)
•    The 150th anniversary of the birth of the founder of  Zaum, Velimir Khlebnikov
•    The decline of written poetry (flarf, post-literature poetry, online poetry, asemic writing, performance poetry....)
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