Jagna Ciuchta presents "Grande Plage"

What comes next after Alina Szapocznikow? | KOMPLOT (Brussels)
20/06/13 - 30/08/13
Jagna Ciuchta, Missing Alina, after "Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone 1955-1972" (...), MoMA, MY, 2013 Jagna Ciuchta, Missing Alina, after "Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone 1955-1972" (...), MoMA, MY, 2013

Jagna Ciuchta presents "Grande Plage", an exhibition in the framework of Missing Alina, which forms part of Jagna Ciuchta’s research on forms generated from the exhibition Alina Szapocznikow : Sculpture Undone 1955-1972

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Practical information
>>> Komplot (Avenue Van Volxemlaan 295, 1190 Brussels) - map
>>> 20 June > 30 August 2013 | Friday > Saturday, 14:00 > 18h00, or by appointment
>>> free


"Grande Plage"
This research started in Wiels, Brussels, with a set of images – an exhibtion space design of an empty exhibition, during its disassembly and after the disappearance of Alina Szapocznikow’s works. The first exhibition La Simulation at Treize, Paris, took her research a step further. Grande plage takes shape in the absence of an artist’s œuvre which had a great influence in Poland but has been neglected as a whole in art history. Jagna Ciuchta reproduces pedestals and walls from Alina Szapocznikow’s exhibition in fine and colorful materials which function as a ghost of the original work. Where Alina's sculptures used to represent body parts that became objects, lights or surrealist constellations, the work of Jagna functions the other way around as naked bodies that haunt the history of exhibitions.


Komplot is a curatorial collective (which has existed in a variety of forms since 2002) concerned with nomadic creative practices and trends of specialisation. Projects such as 'Midi Zuid' (on gentrification and speculation), 'Vollevox' (on the voice in contemporary art) or 'Architecture of Survival' (on ephemeral architecture) explored new terrain in relation to objects, spaces, artists and the public. Komplot conducted extensive research into post-'68 collaborative art practices in Belgium; organising seminars and making two documentary films. Komplot now hosts The Public School Brussels, a platform open to creative and participative contributions in all fields of knowledge and experience. Newly installed in their venue next the Wiels, Komplot produces exhibitions, films, books and an annual magazine entitled Year.

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