Polish Institute in Brussels
01/03/18 - 08/06/18

Throughout the years, the Polish Institute in Brussels has come a long way, met all kinds of people, organised a host of cultural events and, most of all, put Polish culture front and centre in Belgium, We have already achieved a great deal, and we hope to do a lot more.

Given that 2018 marks exactly 100 years since Poland regained its independence, and the fact that we would like to have an overview of what role Polish culture (in the broadest sense) plays in contemporary Belgian society, we hit the road to look for people who could tell us something about what Poland and Polish culture means to them.

Some of them were previously unknown to us. Others were people with whom we had already collaborated regularly in the past. Some have an obvious connection to Poland, while you need to dig a little deeper to find the link for others. And that's exactly what we wanted; culture can influence and inspire a person in many ways. That's what you will see with our guest speakers: a Polish influence on certain aspects of their lives

Every two weeks we will release another part of our series!

        BOIC (Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee)       
The Olympic Winter Games have come to an end, and medals were rather scarce, both for Poland (2, both in ski-jumping, including a gold medal for national hero Kamil Stoch) and Belgium (1 on the last day). But, the last time the World Games took place in 2017, both countries managed to take home at least 20 medals! And where did those World Games took place? That's right, in Wrocław!

Before the Belgian athletes took off for Poland, we invited them to the Polish Institute to get acquainted with Poland and Wrocław by participating in workshops.

For this video, we visited Rudy Lahor and Luc Rampaer from the BOIC (Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee), who made sure everything went well for Team Belgium, and asked them to look back on the World Games in Wrocław.

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