Marcin Dudek presents "Steps and Marches"

Harlan Levey projects (Brussels)
07/09/17 - 28/10/17
Marcin Dudek, Steps & Marches Marcin Dudek, Steps & Marches

For his third collaboration with the gallery Harlan Levey Projects, Marcin DUDEK presents Steps and Marches, a project which takes the same autobiographical point of departure as his 2013 exhibition entitled 'Too Close for Comfort'. This two-part exhibition – at Harlan Levey Projects in Brussels followed by Edel Assanti in London – begins by evoking the author’s adolescence as a member of the Cracovia football club. Miniature photographs taken from Dudek’s personal archives depict a sequence of events which led to violent riots in the stadium. The intimate scale of these images is a reference to the complex relationship which the artist has with his past, over the course of which he gets lost in the middle of a violent crowd, escaping catastrophe by the skin of his teeth. Over the course of four years, Dudek explored the material, the messages and the political contexts which prevailed in stadia in a study of group behaviour and crowd control. The London chapter, ‘Steps and Marches’, dives into the dynamic of mass movements; the Brussels chapter retraces the footsteps of those individuals who created these events
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In 2015, when he was already with Harlan Levey Projects, Marcin Dudek had put forward the idea for a project dealing with the Heysel stadium drama entitled 'Saved by an Unseen Crack', which you can find out about HERE on our site

>>> Harlan Levey Projects (Rue Jean d’Ardenne 46, 1050 Brussels) - see map
>>> 7 September 28 October 2017
>>> free of charge
The Brussels chapter of the exhibition is taking place as part of Brussels Gallery Weekend (7>10 September 2017)

Marcin DUDEK
Born in 1979 in Krakow, Dudek left Poland at the age of 21, in order to study at the Mozarteum Art School in Salzburg (from which he graduated in 2005) as well as Central Saint Martins in London (from which he graduated in 2007). He currently divides his living and working life between Brussels and Krakow.
His work has been exhibited in such international institutions as the Musuem of Modern Art in Moscow, the Strasbourg Künstlerhaus, the Arad Art Museum, the Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow and Kiev’s Goethe Institut. His work has been showcased at exhibitions and fairs in the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Poland. His installation entitled The Cathedral of Human Labor (2013) can still be viewed at the Fondation Verbeke in Antwerp.

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