Polish Design Island (II)

As part of Brussels Design September
05/09/17 - 24/09/17

In September, Brussels, which is already the capital of Europe, will also become the capital of European design! Over a hundred events related to design will be taking place from 7 until 30 September as part of the DESIGN SEPTEMBER festival. Making its second appearance at the festival will be a Polish oasis, the ‘Polish Design Island’.
Polish Design Island’ is a living interior furnished with extravagant pieces, innovative or original, always decorative and inventive, and all from contemporary Polish designers. What sets this exhibit apart is that the interior will be available for the public to view day and night from 5 until 24 September... because it will be presented in a transparent container placed on the place du Marché aux Poissons (behind the Sainte-Catherine church). There, you can discover work by:

  • Hayka
  • Rzuc pan okiem
  • Kristoff
  • Zięta
  • Aoomi Design Studio
  • Lumio
  • dobrze się składa
  • Agaf Design Vive-textile recycling
  • Modus Design Studio
  • Tabanda
  • Malaflor

>>> see some of these pieces in the photo gallery below

A QR code has been placed on the container - just scan it in order to get hold of all the information on the exhibits which you can find on the site

>>> Place du Marché aux Poissons (Vismet - Sainte-Catherine metro station) - see map
>>> 5 > 24 September 201724/7
>>> Free of charge

+++ on the website of Design September 

The furniture held in the container comes from designers who are resident in one of the seven regions of Poland which are partners in the event: Upper Silesia, Cujavia-Pomerania, Region of Lublin, Region and City of Lodz, Podkarpackie, Podlachia, Warmia-Mazuria, Świętokrzyskie and Western Pomerania.

The Mobile Institute of Culture presents Polish Design Island 2017 
The Mobile Institute of Culture (Mobilny Instytut Kultury, MIK) is a multi-purpose black container which travels Europe in order to present culture and creativity as well as seeking out both of these things. The MiK can become a stage, a gallery, a cinema, a theatre, a meeting place or a venue in which to hold workshops. Very eclectic projects are assembled here, whether the location be a large city or more secluded areas. MIK creates and invites people to get involved in the creative process.  
Polish Design Island 2017 (PDI) is a voyage around Europe – from Brussels to Lodz via Copenhagen and Szczecin – in order to present the most interesting work to emerge from the field of Polish design: 27 designers, 9 Polish regions, 4 European cities, 6000 km covered on the journey and 7 weeks during which the work is displayed in public spaces. This compact, black and exclusive place – a shipping container transformed into a fictitious living space – presents objects which all have some connection to the topic of ecology: nearly 30 designs underscore the ideas of reasoned development and they show different methods of how to create forms, functions and meaning by minimising what we refer to as our ‘Food ecoprint’.
Polish Design Island 2017 will kick off its ‘design tour’ by paying a visit to Brussels where, under the auspices of the Polish embassy and the Polish Institute, it will form an integral part of the Design September festival. At the vernissage, a concert and 3D mapping will take place. It will then continue on to Lodz where it will take part in Poland’s most prestigious design event of all, the Lodz Design Festival. In Copenhagen, the container will be set up close to the Polish embassy, whilst in Szczecin, its presence will be complemented by a series of conferences, a space for artists to exhibit their work, fashion shows, workshops and DJ sets.
As part of Polish Design Island 2017, the PDI Academy will be established in collaboration with experts, designers and producers who support the project. The Academy is a kind of public debate with design serving as its backdrop (in a literal as well as figurative sense) and producers, designers, investors, curators and project hosts are all invited to get on board.  The debate, which will be moderated, aims to move towards private discussions which, as everyone knows, is the best way to establish lasting creative and commercial partnerships.
Dates :

  • Brussels: 05 > 24.09.2017
  • Łódź: 03 > 09.10.2017
  • Copenhague: 09 > 19.10.2017
  • Szczecin: 20 > 29.10.2017

Project development: Stowarzyszenie MiastoHolizm
Cordinator: Sebastian Gojdź
Commissioner: Agata Kiedrowicz
Honorary partners: regions of Upper Silesia, Cujavia-Pomerania, Lublin, Lodz, Podkarpackie, Podlachia, Warmia-Mazuria, Świętokrzyskie and Western Pomerania 

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>>> 2013 : Enfant terrible. La nouvelle affiche polonaise (clic HERE
>>> 2014 : The Best of Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design, first part of ART IN THE BOX (clic HERE)
>>> 2014 : Nasza Polska (clic HERE)
>>> 2014 : ENDE – contemporary Polish ceramics (clic HERE
>>> 2015 : Magic Box - Polish Design, second part of ART IN THE BOX (clic HERE)
>>> 2016 : Polish Design Island (clic HERE)

with the support of the Polish Institute Brussels, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels and the official representation of the seven Voivodships


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