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    05/10/17 - 22/10/17
    De 10de editie van het Centraal- en Oost-Europese Filmfestival CINEAST heeft plaats in Luxemburg van 5 tot 22 oktober. Naast andere films uit de vier
  • Film


    25/10/17 - 04/11/17
    Na een focus vorig jaar, tekent de Poolse film ook dit jaar weer present op het internationaal kinderfilmfestival Filem'on, dat intussen al aan zijn
  • Film

    Andrzej Wajda retrospective

    Cinema Zuid (Antwerp)
    01/09/17 - 27/10/17
    It will soon be one year since the great filmmaker Andrzej WAJDA died, bequeathing the world a cinematographic oeuvre which makes him one of the most
  • Arts

    Marcin Dudek presents "Steps and Marches"

    Harlan Levey projects (Brussels)
    07/09/17 - 28/10/17
    For his third collaboration with the gallery Harlan Levey Projects, Marcin DUDEK presents Steps and Marches, a project which takes the same
  • Arts, Others

    Artist roundtable with Piotr TWARDOWSKI

    As a part of "Dialogue With Emperor Qin" (Solvay ULB Auditorium)
    21/09/17 - 30/10/17
    Thursday september 21st, Polish artist and sculptor Piotr TWARDOWSKI will participate in a roundtable with some other artists, participating in the
  • Literature

    Krzysztof SIWCZYK will participate in the 2017 TRANSPOESIE festival

    Balassi Institute
    Krzysztof SIWCZYK is one of 7 poets invited to read their work at the seventh edition of the TRANSPOESIE festival on the evening of 9 November at the
  • Andrzej Wajda cycle (film / Brussels)

    Andrzej Wajda. Of Myths and Men. (I)

    Cinematek (Brussels)
    07/10/17 - 29/11/17
    To mark the first anniversary of the death of Andrzej WAJDA (9 October 2016), CINEMATEK will be screening 21 of his feature films as part of the
  • Andrzej Wajda cycle (conferences)

    Andrzej Wajda. Of Myths and Men. (II)

    Cinematek (Brussels)
    09/10/17 - 13/11/17
    To mark the first anniversary of the death of Andrzej WAJDA (9 October 2016), CINEMATEK will be screening 21 of his feature films as part of the
  • Literature, Others

    Art comics Exhibition by Format

    Ptyx bookshop
    01/10/17 - 31/01/18
    Polish illustration, which has enjoyed a long and celebrated tradition in the world, is being honoured at the librairie Ptyx in Brussels. Over
  • Music

    4th Lutosławski Symphony by the Belgian National Orchestra

    23/11/17 - 26/11/17
    "My Fourth Symphony is to my third what Beethoven’s Fourth is to his Eroica" wrote Witold LUTOSŁAWSKI in a letter to one of his
  • Literature

    100th anniversary of the death of L. ZAMENHOF, the creator of the Esperanto

    Discover his life and work!
    Ludwik ZAMENHOF passed away 100 years ago. In order to mark the death of an idealist whose work continues to influence the daily lives of hundreds of
  • Music, Literature, Others

    Digital library

    PDF versions available
    01/01/11 - 31/12/17
    Check out our digital library at http://issuu.com/PolishCultureBrussels/ In English  [posters exhibition] HERE is the catalogue
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